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Adult Classes
Adults classes are for students 18+.  Whether you are looking for self-defense training, a rigorous workout or gradual improvement of your stamina, balance & flexibility you have found the right school.    Adult students who wish to train side-by-sde with their children can participate in the Mixed ages classes.


Our classes are taught by certified Black Belt Instructors, including Waka-Kyoshi Rollinson. Beginner students participate in a special program that teaches all the basic information you will need to move up to our Intermediate classes.


Intermediate, Advanced & Black Belt classes add Martial Arts skill and knowledge based on the solid foundation learned in Beginner classes.  Students are able to learn the most advanced and rewarding techniques on their way to Black Belt and beyond.

Family Classes

Karate is not a "sideline" sport where you only watch as your child participates. Many Black Belt adults began their training as a way to spend quality time with their children.  Parents and children can have fun as you learn Karate and participate in challenging, instructive drills.

​Our Black Belt instructors know how to help you and your child improve your fitness levels while you have fun, build confidence and learn real-world self-defense.  Call to schedule and appointment and become a Black Belt family at Alpha!

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