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Tai Chi

Originally one of the ancient Chinese martial arts, Tai Chi is practiced today primarily as a method of exercise that cultivates physical and mental harmony in movement.   Its slow, fluid forms—based on the Chinese principle of yin and yang—and its emphasis on relaxed, effortless movement makes it ideal for people of all ages.    At Alpha, we currently 

offer classes structured for beginners and periodically hold free introductory lessons.   During the first class we focus on teaching you the traditional Yang-style of long-form Tai Chi.

Eugene Katz is a certified instructor at Harmony Tai Chi Center .   Eugene has been teaching Yang Style Old Frame Tai Chi Chuan since 2009, passed down by Tai-Chun Pan from Grand Master Xiong YangHe (or Hsiung Yang Ho).   In 2019 Eugene competed with other students of this style in Taiwan and took first place in basic form.    Eugene's free hand and weapons Tai Chi forms regularly take first place at I.P.P.O.N.E. and Virtual World Tournaments competitions.   Eugene is also a current student here at Alpha.  For more information please email Eugene directly:

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