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Ninjas 3 to 6
Ninjas - Classes for ages 3 to 6

Ninja classes are designed specifically for our youngest students.  Each class is 30 minutes. Your child will begin his or her Martial Arts journey in a safe, fun atmosphere.  Ninjas learn the same basic Goju Ryu Karate techniques as our older students, but the emphasis of each class is on following directions, developing gross-motor skills, respect, discipline, focus and perseverance.   All students at this level are given positive reinforcement and direction to build the self confidence that make Alpha students excel in social, academic and athletic situations.

Samurai - Classes for ages 6 and 7
Samurai 6 & 7

A transition from the Ninja Class to the Kids Class is a big step for some students all at once.  Samurai classes will help make the transition easier.  Samurai Classes are designed for students under the age of 7 who have earned at least Yellow belt rank.  In these 45 minute classes your child will continue to learn respect, discipline and focus in a safe, fun atmosphere. All students at this level are given positive reinforcement and direction as they learn the skills needed to move up to Kids classes. Each student is given appropriate challenges to build positive self esteem and a "Yes, I can!" attitude.

Kids - Classes for ages 7 through 12
Kids 7 to 12

Kids Classes are just for students 7-12 years old.  During these 60 minute classes your child will learn real-world self-defense, build confidence, practice respect and cultivate self-control that will help them succeed in other areas such as school and social interactions.

There are always multiple instructors in each class to make sure your child gets the individual attention he or she needs.

Physical fitness?  Yes!  Our students warm up and stretch at the beginning of each class.  The full-body workout of traditional Karate increases not only aerobic fitness but also strength and coordination.

Family Classes

Family Classes

Karate is not a "sideline" sport where you only watch as your child participates. Many Black Belt adults began their training as a way to spend quality time with their children.  Parents and children can have fun as you learn Karate and participate in challenging, instructive drills.

Our Black Belt instructors know how to help you and your child improve your fitness levels while you have fun, build confidence and learn real-world self-defense.  Call to schedule and appointment and become a Black Belt family at Alpha!

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