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Great people. An amazing place for kids to learn about personal development and martial arts.  Google review ~Evan K

Waka-Kyoshi Rollinson and staff do a fabulous job. They are teaching my daughter amazing life skills. It is a very inclusive, caring, committed dojo. So happy my daughter goes here! Facebook review ~Andi H

My husband and I don't know if there are words to describe the experience our son has had the past few years at Alpha. Alpha is more than a martial arts academy. If you are looking for a place that teaches your child only martial arts skills then this is not for you. Alpha is much much more. Alpha educates, connects with, and truly cares for the whole child. Our son has been taught life long skills and lessons that have shaped him into the seven year old he is today. We cannot thank Andrew, Michele and their incredible team of instructors enough for all they have done. We feel blessed we have found this place. It is a true diamond in the tough. Facebook review ~Jen S

Alpha is a wonderful place for kids to learn and grow. My son is growing strong on the inside and outside. He is learning life skills and confidence in a caring community. The Waka-Kyoshi and instructors are skilled and caring teachers. Facebook review ~Leah P

Alpha Martial Arts Academy is a wonderful and exciting environment that lets students of all ages experience Martial Arts in a safe environment. The Instructors are all very supportive and very friendly although demand some respect that makes it that much better. For anyone of any age this is the Academy that I hold in the highest regard and give a five star recommendation. Google review ~James F

Compassion, courage, love, respect, friendship.  This is what you learn at Alpha.  
It has been an excellent journey for my grand daughters, and they have taught them how to be strong inside and out. Great family involvement and an excellent atmosphere for your child. Google review ~Pat C

My son is so happy with his classes at Alpha. And mom is very happy with the owners and instructors, they are the kind of people I like to have around my children. Facebook review ~Kathy D

It is a welcoming place and a supportive community not just for the students but for the families as well. I am so happy we found this place for my son. Facebook review ~Sin M

Great staff and programs for all ages! We just love it. Facebook review ~Danielle S

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